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Full Name
1. On Saturdays I usually ______ shopping.
2. Do you mind if I ______?
3. I bought ______ at the market.
4. _____ a drink? We have beer or Coke.
5. I am not _____ Sylvia.
6. Jim _____ that he loved Sydney.
7. I don't _____ wear a suit and tie to work
8. Sydney, _____ , has a population of over 4 million people
9. Stella _____ to pay for the concert tickets.
10. If I had known you were in town, I _____ visited you.
11. I'm not Australian. I _____ from England.
12. I _____ call you when I get home from work tonight.
13. Quick, Call an ambulance! There ____ an accident.
14. Bob felt very sick. He _____ too much beer earlier in the night.
15. Jane was tired. She _____ swimming so far.
16. Bill makes friends _____
17. I'll help you _____
18. Dave fell in love with Mary _____
19. He asked Beth _____
20. Excuse me, could you tell me _____